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Facebook in MySQL hell

I like MySQL. I like Open Source. But one has to be realistic about their limitations. Blind faith is dangerous in all contexts. And, while I’m not above allowing myself a grim smile when the bad guys end up shooting … Continue reading

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In the interests of fairness…

…I thought I’d just express my deep pissed-offedness at the other two of the ‘big three’ and their recent moves to arbitrarily transition people using ‘free’ services, via variance of T&Cs, into their various (proto-)internet identity authority ‘offerings’. (And if … Continue reading

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Why I refuse Facebook apps access to my data

Some context… My real (as opposed to Facebook) friend James Graham posted something on my Wall on Facebook earlier today. All I could see was an intriguing snippet but in order to see more I would have had to allow … Continue reading

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Facebook automates suppression of freedom of speech?

A fascinating reflection by Chris Peterson on the on-off-on-off blocking by Facebook of “citizen activist” website over the past 48 hours. I think Chris probably has it right – there’s no need for conspiracy theories, one merely has to … Continue reading

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Utter irresponsibility from Facebook

Facebook does it again. And this time they’ll probably end up killing people*. Graham Clueley over at naked security blog has some excellent practical advice on how to switch off facial recognition in Facebook, which was rolled out enabled by … Continue reading

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