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We need to talk about Sensyne…

If your child is being treated by Great Ormond Street, you’d be forgiven for having missed the announcement by press release a couple of weeks ago that GOSH has just signed a deal with an AI (‘Artificial Intelligence’) company called … Continue reading

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‘Vaccination Passports’: State of Play

Having shared some thoughts in private discussion, it was suggested that posting a summary might be useful. So here it is (lightly edited): […reflecting on the discussion thus far] it seems we agree that ‘vaccination passports’ are unwarranted, in practice … Continue reading

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Identity and Immunity

Technology can be better than the failing app solutionism; the question is whether we will be, or whether following the worst of the tech world will leave us in the database state. Larry Brilliant is the American epidemiologist who, working … Continue reading

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May the Fourth be with you!

It’s Local Election day today where I live, maybe where you live too. What you may not know is the added significance of this and future local elections to the provision of NHS and care services in your area. To … Continue reading

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Some memories of Caspar

“Bullshit!” came the shout behind me. Caspar wasn’t about to let the former Home Secretary who had reintroduced ID cards to the UK for the first time since WWII get away with claiming a ‘Damascene conversion’ on personal privacy, even … Continue reading

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