This is Phil Booth’s personal blog. You probably arrived here because you followed the link on my Twitter profile, so thanks for taking a look.

A few words of explanation:

1) I’m not a particularly committed blogger. For example, my Posts dashboard is full of year-old unpublished Drafts and I’m still trying to find the time to move the rest of the old ID card posts I did back in 2004 – which led to me becoming involved in No2ID – from a crappy HTML archive file into WordPress. (It’s not the HTML bit that’s so hard, it’s checking and tracking down links. In some ways this internet of ours has a very short memory…)

2) I ‘reactivated’ this blog mainly because I started using Twitter and could see it’d be useful to have a place to post stuff that required more than 140 characters to express. Also because I found myself being quoted off Twitter in other publications, which I could see might have ramifications.

3) By default I talk/blog/tweet/post in my own capacity. If I’m speaking on behalf of any of the organisations I run/work for/work with/advise, I will say so – so please don’t quote me from here as “Phil Booth from XYZ” unless I have explicitly confirmed I am speaking in that capacity. Thank you. (If you would like to find out about at least some of those organisations, I maintain a public resume on LinkedIn.)

If you’d like to read my first ever post on ID cards, it’s here: Getting my goat.