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May the Fourth be with you!

It’s Local Election day today where I live, maybe where you live too. What you may not know is the added significance of this and future local elections to the provision of NHS and care services in your area. To … Continue reading

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Selling You on Facebook

‘Selling You on Facebook‘ is a great and timely article in the Wall Street Journal on how (Facebook) apps aggressively hoover up personal data. And not just your data – it’s your friends’ and family’s too… Not so long ago, … Continue reading

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Facebook down? Houston, we have a problem…

I thought there was something odd going on this morning, when I found I couldn’t sign up using the e-mail address / username / password option to a site that offered a Facebook sign-up option – not that I’d ever … Continue reading

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Facebook gangsterism

If a representative of an organisation came to you and said, “We know who you are – your name, where you live, what you like, what you look like, what you believe. And we know who your friends are too. … Continue reading

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What is the digital equivalent of…?

…a gun? “What is the digital equivalent of…?” is a thought experiment I have been playing myself and with various other people since the early 90s. It asks about the nature of things in the new digital / information world … Continue reading

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