In the interests of fairness…

…I thought I’d just express my deep pissed-offedness at the other two of the ‘big three’ and their recent moves to arbitrarily transition people using ‘free’ services, via variance of T&Cs, into their various (proto-)internet identity authority ‘offerings’. (And if you believe that Cabinet Office isn’t currently talking to all three, I’m afraid you’re off with the fairies.)

If you can’t see the link, don’t worry. This is just the beginning…

T-shirt by Jake Evans

T-shirt by Jake Evans

*In case you are still getting up to speed, there’s a rather insightful series of posts on Google+ over at webdistortion:

And it appears the first salvo in the latest battle has already been fired: Facebook Blocks Contact Export Tool, Surprises No One – though, unlike the author, I would say G is far from genuinely ‘open’, in all sorts of ways. (Now, who’s gonna fight FB locking up my data – i.e. my friends’ contact details – when it suits them? Please, please, please Diaspora – get your act together. Fast!)

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