Free Paper Automata to Download

Here’s an updated list of paper automata that are free to download:

Brother Creative Centre
Wide range of papercraft to download and make, including some basic mechanisms (crank, gears and cams) and several animal automata by Rob Ives.

Canon Creative Park
Canon’s Creative Park provides over 50 ‘Moving Toys’ in its Paper Craft section, including paper automata by well-known artists such as Keisuke Saka, Hideharu NaitohHaruki Nakamura, and Rob Ives.

Jonathan Hodgins
An Instructable for a paper automata Mech Warrior that appears to walk when a crank is turned.

Several themed paper automata to download and make, including a Minecraft Machine, a Gangnam Style Machine, a Tiny Wings Machine, a Paper Mario Machine, a Kirby Machine, and a Nyan Cat Machine.

Keisuke Saka
Link to ‘Stray Sheep’, a free paper automaton by Japanese designer Keisuke Saka, who has produced many other wonderful paper automata, for sale individually via his website, on Canon Creative Park (see above) or in his book, Karakuri: How to Make Mechanical Paper Models That Move. With a bit of digging around, it is also possible to find several other free paper automata by the maestro: a rotating Train on the Japanese Ministry of Transport website, a Rice-Thumping Rabbit and various Flying Animals on the Kirin website, a Woodpecker and Worm, and three Christmas automata – Flapping Angel, Ebony & Ivory (& Yellow), and Turkey on 23rd December.

Matt Hawkins (Custom Paper Toys)
US-based cartoonist Matt Hawkins creates marvellous paper toys, including a number of automata: Mr Robot, Owwwl, Chuckles, and – with a mechanism designed by Rob Ives – Paper Pop Andy Warhol.

Objective Ministries
Scroll down to the bottom of the page for links to the somewhat eccentric Professor Giraffenstein’s Clockwork Creation Science Factoidamajig, and Pteva the Pterodactyl flying automata.

Over half a dozen free paper automata by Giuseppe Civitarese a.k.a. Paperpino, including Sweet Dreams, Peace Dove, Wandering in the Sky, The Rolling Reels Circus, Warning! Air Pockets, and working models of Leonardo da Vinci’s Anemometer and Mechanical Hammer. (Also some wonderful Paper Globes.)

Lots of spooky paper toys to construct by Ray O’Bannon, including a Mechanical Bat automata and a Haunted Carousel.

Rob Ives
You can find paper automata designed by prolific British paper engineer Rob Ives all over the place – Brother’s Creative Centre and Canon’s Creative Park (above) to name but two. Rob also has a range of free downloads from his own website, including: Agreeable Sheep, Cat o’Log, a rocking Unicorn!, flapping Owl, Pop-up Pumpkin and a couple of working mechanisms, a simple Crank Slider and a Double Action Ratchet.

Robot Tairiku (in Japanese)
Download and construct an arm-Flapping Robot, an articulated Robot Arm, and a trunk-raising Elephant.

Ryo Tokisato (in Japanese)
Scroll down the page to download the free Flapping Penguinbank, which moves when you drop your money in the slot.

Sasatoku Printing Company (in Japanese)
Click on the grey bar below the first set of paper flowers to expand the page, and scroll down. 6 free paper automata available: Winking Cat, Sailor Monkey, Seal Balancing Gift, Laughing Horse, Woodpecker, and Mole.

Steven Marshall
A ‘build before you buy’ undulating Jade Dragon paper automata.

The Toy Shop
20 working mechanical models to print out and make, originally from an old Commodore 64 program in the 1980s.

Walter Ruffler
Walter Ruffler has a whole range of ingenious paper automata for sale on his website and in his book, Paper Models That Move: 14 Ingenious Automata, and More. At the Duck’s Pond is a free download to whet your appetite, and he also offers a couple of free mechanical greetings cards: Angel and Mr Deer.

And here are a few, simpler, one-off paper automata:

Chip Fyn (Fiddler’s Green)
A free Bobbin’ Head Cow to download and make – guy or gal variety.

Funny Character Cafe (in Japanese)
Yuuku’s Wriggling Santa got stuck in the chimney…

Joe McRichardson FrightenedDude whose mouth opens and closes.

Peter J. Visser
A simple nodding cat.

Ray Keim
A simple lever mechanism makes the ghost try to lift the lid of this Conservatory Coffin.

Takeo Hayashi
Scroll down for the pattern and instructions for a karakuri Box Dog Puppy with flapping ears.

Tubby Paws
A cute Keyboard Cat paper automata.

William Bullock
A waving hand in a box.

And finally, an archive of antique paper mechanical toys uploaded by Brazilian model maker Hugo:

Brinquedos mecânicos



Rob Ives

Walter Ruffler
(Gallery of Paper Automata:



Linda van Breemen (DutchPaperGirl)
New website:
(Old Website:

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