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Re-posted from archive of infinite ideas machine 2004: [LINKS UNCHECKED]

NO2ID have launched an e-Petition against the Government’s Orwellian, intrusive, impractical and immensely wasteful ID cards and identity register proposals. Please take the time to visit and sign it – these people already did:

Spy BlogUK Indymedia

Globalise Resistance


UK ID Cards at Blog City (thanks, Trevor!)

Chris Lightfoot gets in a shameless plug


UK Crypto

ID Unknown, a p*ssed off punter whose individual response to the 2003 HO consultation (via Stand) was treated as a petition…


Above Top Secret

Suspect Paki courts controversy…

the Warzine blogsite

Fruitless Labour (short, but to the point!)

Protein Feed

SteveC’s ‘not funny’ archive

Spinneyhead seems to be having a few problems, but he’s got the right idea…


The England Project

Steve: Developing on the Edge

Samwise returns…

What You Can Get Away With

Atomic Razor

(Far from) Random and Irrelevant


Tom at Random Etc

Simon’s blog

And, of course, you could always buy the T-shirt while you’re at it!

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