More T-shirts and *declaring an interest*

Re-posted from archive of infinite ideas machine 2004: [LINKS UNCHECKED]

Just spent most of today picking up & delivering the new batch of NO2ID campaign T-shirts [order ’em here for now, online fulfillment imminent!] around London, one of a number of things I’m now doing as NO2ID’s recently-appointed finance and fundraising team leader.

We’re very busy organising and making people aware of the growing opposition to biometric ID cards and the National Identity Register, so apologies if I don’t post stuff here quite as regularly as I have been doing.

If you want to find out more about the NO2ID campaign, click on either of the T-shirts above.

If you wish to join our supporters’ mailing list (low traffic, but you get to hear about events and register your opposition) then click here to send an e-mail request or visit

If you actually feel motivated to do something (write letters, hold meetings, hand out leaflets, etc.) then click here to send an e-mail request or visit to subscribe to the ‘activists’ list. Not as scary as it sounds… honest 🙂

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