Spanner in the works?

Re-posted from archive of infinite ideas machine 2004:

According to evidence given by the Director of the Identity Cards Programme, Katherine Courtney, to the HAC on 4th May, the UKPS biometrics pilot has suffered from a few gremlins!

Old news if you read SpyBlog, I know – but I was a little surprised to hear that the much-vaunted trial is, in fact, “not about testing the robustness of biometric technology, it is instead about the customer experience, customer acceptance and the time it will take to enrol”.


Not only can’t they get the capture process to work properly, but they’re not even trying to find out if the underlying technology itself is up to the task! David Blunkett expects people will be “queuing up” for ID cards, and he could be right – but not for quite the reason he thinks…

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