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Privacy International have published ‘A Nation Divided’ [45 KB PDF file] – a poll of UK electors to determine views and opinion trends relating to the proposed National Identity Card. The poll was conducted by YouGov, who questioned a representative sample of 2,003 electors across the UK between May 11 & May 13.

It makes for interesting reading:


The majority say they support ID cards, but not to the extent that the
government claims.

  • 61% of the population support compulsory identity cards. This
    contrasts markedly with repeated claims by government that 80% are
    in favour of its proposal.

However, the majority of respondents oppose key elements of the Draft
Identity Cards Bill.

  • Many people object to the legal requirement to notify government of
    change of address (47% against; 41% in favour)
  • Most people object to the legal requirement to inform government
    whenever a card is lost, stolen or damaged (45% against; 44% in

Opponents may be in the minority, but they are signalling a new Poll Tax revolt.

  • 28% of those opposing compulsory cards said they would take to the
    streets to participate in demonstrations. This represents approximately
    4.9 million people.
  • 16% of those opposing compulsory cards said they would participate
    in a “campaign of civil disobedience”. This represents 2.8 million
  • 6% of those opposing compulsory cards said they would prefer to go
    to prison rather than register for a card. This represents over a million

Tory voters are much more likely to oppose the ID card proposals.

  • Nearly a quarter (24%) of Tory voters who object to compulsory ID cards said they are prepared to take part in a “campaign of civil disobedience”

Anyway, I’m off up to Mistaken Identity where it seems a certain Mr Blunkett will be notable by his absence! More later…

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