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Re-posted from archive of infinite ideas machine 2004:

If you are even remotely bothered by the intended introduction of ID cards, and it appears that – especially if we are made to pay for them – a large number of you actually are, then please register your objection(s) using one or several of the mechanisms at your disposal:

1) e-mail the Home Office

“On 26 April 2004 the Government published ‘Legislation on Identity Cards | A Consultation’ [553 KB PDF file]. This set out for consultation the Government’s plans for legislation on identity cards and includes the draft clauses of an Identity Cards Bill. We welcome comments on the draft legislation from individuals and organisations. These can be sent to [address no longer valid] by including the words ‘consultation response’ in the subject title.”

2) Sign an e-petition* or vote in a poll

I’m sure there are/will be several out there – please let me know of any I have missed, and I shall attempt to make this a comprehensive list:

Liberty petition – click on the ‘Petitions’ tab, then ‘No to ID Cards’ link [petition closed].

Trevor Mendham’s BBC iCan campaign – registered BBCi members’ votes have more clout [campaign closed – Trevor joined NO2ID and was the first NO2ID Scotland coordinator].

Clare Hewitt-Horsman’s ‘No to National Identity Cards in the UK’ petition – although I’m not sure Clare has read the UK Government criteria for e-Petitions [see below].

UPDATED 5/5/04: The Campaign to Stop the National Identity Card (CASNIC) have an online petition.

*The Government has agreed to accept electronic petitions containing more than 300 ‘genuine signatures’. They appear to respond to each petition individually, even ones on the same subject, so long as it meets their basic criteria. Of course, the Government do not have a particularly good track record on “,39020645,2135665,00.htm” target=_blank>aggregating individual responses into ‘ad hoc petitions’, hence my suggestion that you object using each of the different mechanisms available to you.

3) Fax your MP

Via the excellent [now developed into]. Please pay attention to their guidelines and instructions and do not abuse this genuinely useful service, e.g. by trying to fax someone who isn’t your MP. I have found it gets me a timely written response on House of Commons headed paper from my MP every time I use it – but then he is a Liberal Democrat!

4) Write a letter

Pretty much the same effect as (3) above, but with possibly a higher impact / better response rate. To find out the contact details of your local MP use this handy ‘Constituency Locata’ on the UK Parliament site.

Of course, you can write to any named MP at the House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA – but before you do, here’s some sensible advice from the BBC on ‘Writing to a political representative’.

5) Join or support an organisation

There are many(!) but, with specific regard to ID cards, you will probably find the following most useful and up-to-date:

Privacy International


Stand [campaign now closed]


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