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The Four Horsemen of our rights Apocalypse

Sam and I have been having a conversation, and this article (posted originally on was one of the results: The worst excesses of’s mandate to collect and exploit your medical records are coming back, and the scheme’s descendants … Continue reading

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It’s been about a year since my last post here but I have been gainfully occupied, coordinating medConfidential along with Terri Dowty and Sam Smith. If you want to keep up with the latest, please follow: @EinsteinsAttic (me) or @medConfidential … Continue reading

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It’s not ‘hacking’ if you guess someone’s PIN

I do wish people would stop giving hackers and hacking a bad name. Hackers, in my experience, are extremely competent people who often have a pretty acute if not always ‘comfortable’ or mainstream sense of ethics. Unlike ‘script kiddies’, certain … Continue reading

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Rank hypocrisy and smoking guns

Thanks to David Moss, by way of James Baker, for prompting me to re-read ‘What Price Privacy?’ [1.3 MB PDF] and its follow-up, ‘What Price Privacy Now?’ [988 KB PDF] – two reports on the illegal trade in personal information, … Continue reading

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Don’t forget the big picture!

Despite all the outcry about NOTW and the systemic corruption it implies – encompassing not just the Murdoch empire but elements of the police, the press and the political establishment – one should not forget that the ‘phone hacking’ scandal … Continue reading

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